How to Fire Your Ad Agency

Not sure how to fire your ad agency? While breaking up with an ad agency is never easy, sometimes it just has to be done. As the cost of business class flights and herbal-infused goat's milk cappuccinos increase, so too do your ad agency fees. At some point or another, you may not be able to justify the expense.

Below are a few tips to smooth over the experience and make it as painless as possible:

1. Pick the right time

Choosing the right time of day to meet up with your ad agency is incredibly important. Too early in the morning, and they’ll still be hungover. Too late in the afternoon and they’ll be too intoxicated. I recommend around 11:30 am, just before they head out for their long lunch.

2. Bring them a gift

There’s nothing ad execs love more than meaningless trophies - you can pick these up at your local $2 shop.

Caution: Gifts can help soften the blow, but be careful it doesn't distract them too much.

3. Say it Directly ‘You’re Fired’

Be very clear about your intentions. It may feel cruel, and yes, there may be a few tears, but it's the kindest thing you can do.

Bonus: On your way out, be sure to thank the interns for all their hard work.

You did it!

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